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We provide training outside of the classroom to get you ready for business.


We are here for you every step of the way, even after college.


We provide students and alumni direct access to partner employers who are ready to hire for business.


Connecting students with employers through an online recruiting tool -- specifically for college students and employers.

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The College of Business Placement Center is a dedicated career and placement office exclusively serving College of Business students and alumni.  Here you can get personalized, one-on-one advice about resumes, companies and more.  We are devoted to helping students realize their career goals.  Our services start from day one as a College of Business student and continues throughout our graduates’ career.  We provide students and alumni with a wide array of career development opportunities, programs, career fairs, and exposure to many employment options.  

Business Placement Center can help you with:

  • Selecting a major or career path
  • Exploring interests, values, skills, and possible careers
  • Exploring potential salaries, working conditions, salary negotiation, and job markets
  • Identifying personal strengths and potential areas of growth
  • Developing a resume or have an existing resume critiqued
  • Writing a cover letter
  • Developing skills to maximize job interviews
  • Participating in taped mock interviews
  • Identifying employers in a specific career field or geographic area
  • Finding and applying to graduate and professional schools
  • Building your social media profiles
  • Connecting students with employers and alumni