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When you visit the College of Business and Analytics to acquire new talent, hire interns, or build your brand, we can ensure you that your time in the College of Business and Analytics will be productive. 

Information Sessions

There are many ways to promote your company and opportunities, including information sessions, appointments with faculty, or in-class presentations. Information sessions are a great way to showcase opportunities, generate interest and address questions about your company Information sessions allow students and recruiters to connect and start a relationship before an interview ever takes place. Just give us 2 - 3 weeks advanced notice, and we'll set up everything you need.

On-Campus Interviews

We provide you with a private office equipped with everything you may need during the interview process including Wi-Fi, computer, phone, and access to office support.

Posting internship/job opportunities for the College of Business and Analytics' students here

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If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with faculty or speaking in classes or doing an on-campus interviews, please contact us at or 618-453-2603

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