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Internship and Externship

Intern Program 

Work closely with our internship coordinator to fill intern vacancies with qualified, interested students. 

Hiring interns also leads to lower recruiting costs if a full-time offer is extended at the conclusion of the internship. 

Interns are able to do the more time-consuming necessary tasks which enables experienced staff members to focus on other pressing responsibilities.

PDF Internship Brochure for Employers Internship Brochure for Employers 

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Extern Program

The College of Business participates in the SIU Alumni Association’s award-winning externship program. During the week of spring break, students are paired with a sponsor from a company that compliments that particular student's professional goals.

The program offers employers a low-risk way to evaluate potential candidates and their fit within the organization.

For more information, visit the Alumni page:

Please contact the Business Placement Center if you have any questions at or 618-453-2603