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Recruiter Testimonials

Federated Insurance logo"The SIU Business Placement Center is always so responsive to our needs and truly cares about helping their students find the best opportunities after graduation. They are constantly looking for ways to improve their students and expose them to different companies. They go above and beyond to schedule office visits, connect us with faculty, and invite us to campus. Our visits are always well organized and thought out by the staff. We appreciate all they do!"

    -Sara McGrail, Anders CPA

PWC logo"The SIUC Business Placement Center is a tremendous resource for both employers and students. It's never too early to engage - freshman should explore the resources and tools the Business Placement Center has to offer once they are settled on campus. The career search is a journey, not a race!"

    -Kim Kueper, PWC

Extra Help logo"It’s exciting to see the talented students graduating out of SIU-C. Wells Fargo Advisors values our relationship as we continue to share our time and opportunities with the next generation of talent entering the workforce from SIU-Carbondale."

    -Katie Wootten, Wells Fargo

Wintrust logo"We work with many career services departments when recruiting for our credit training program and SIU has quickly become one of our best partners.  Unlike many universities, working with SIU’s business placement center provides Wintrust with a customized campus recruiting plan that is focused on our needs, not a one size fits all plan.  The staffs at the Business Placement Center take the time to form a relationship with the employer and seek out talent to fit our needs.  The relationship with SIU is one I truly value as a strategic partner to hiring top talent."

    -Darla Krause, Wintrust 

SIH logo"The team of faculty and students at the College of Business have been a wonderful asset to Southern Illinois Healthcare. The students professionalism and excitement about their future careers is a true testament of the leadership they are receiving on campus. We greatly appreciate the relationship we have with SIU and this department!"

    -Kristin King, Southern Illinois Healthcare